Shake, Rattle, Roll

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this image of an X1.1 class flare in the early hours of Nov. 10, 2013. The image represents light with a wavelength of 131 Angstroms, which is typically colorized in teal. Image Credit: NASA/SDO

the sun flares
emitting radiation
across the electromagnetic spectrum

my heart quivers
unleashing cascades
spanning transgalactic lifetimes 

roiling through cells and gels
rattling the web that is me

Can you let it all go?


Here you are, Natalia: in the promised land.

Look — and watch autumn paint leaves. Listen — and hear the sound of clothes washing themselves. Taste — and savor the  salt, sugar, chocolate and almond flavors mingling on your tongue. Feel — and sense the love that surrounds you.

But it is NOT ENOUGH. Not nearly enough. Magnificence and glory await. Joy, indescribable and unimaginable, evident in a momentary tingle in your body, in a flash of almost-seen ultraviolet light, in an expansiveness that constricts as soon as it’s perceived.

Beauty . . . Sweetness . . . Love . . . 
Exhaustion . . . Despair . . . Pain . . .
bind you . . . . constrict you . . . restrict you . . . 

Can you let it all go?

“I can’t let go of my children!” I hear your shout. Have you so little faith in them? Have you forgotten that they are Masters, too?

Comfort . . . Familiarity . . . Ease . . .
Uncertainty . . . Lies . . . Deceit . . . 
Promises . . . Dreams . . . Goals . . . 

Can you let them all go

And allow Great Mystery?



Originally posted on Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe:

renaissanceDearly beloved children of the universe we come to you now at the time of the Renaissance. The renaissance of the NEW ERA. The renaissance of your hearts and souls, for as you stand at the brinks of the new earth, you find yourself ready to take a step forward and yet there is a part of you that wishes to take a step back. Jolting you into a dance of doubt and flight. As you reach into your soul to release the fear and doubt, you get ready for takeoff, and takeoff you shall!  The time has come to put everything that you have learnt thus far to action.

Magenta the color of the emotional freedom and universal harmony generating love, compassion, cooperation and harmony. Magenta the color that your skies are being tainted with by us to assist you. Magenta the color of FREEDOM and infinite possibilities. Magenta…

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Surviving the Intensity

Lightning, Dibrova 2013

So subtle
I tell myself it is residue of the lemon-basil I was holding.
       Or might the air be sweeter?

So faint
I think my eyes are tricking me after looking at sky too long.
       Or might the world be brighter?

So delicate
I must be imagining the sensation of every skin cell exploding 
       Or might I really be changing?

I was
   a worm, desiccating on the sidewalk
   a battery, drained to almost zero
   a broken woman, thrashed about in a whirlpool

I am
   Rescued, tossed into the grass by a passerby
   Recharging, plugged into the source
   Floating on calm waters, returning to life

May subtle sweetness blossom.

May faint light expand to true brilliance.

May delicate transformation carry me to transcendence.

Transcendence- contest by ~etiamsi


Waking up … is hard to do

My friend, Daria Boissonnas, of the Global Institute for Awakening posted a quick poem on Facebook, challenging her friends to “…knock about a poem about your morning. In five minutes… Go!”

I set my timer and had great fun writing. (Surprise!)


I promise myself a nap
incentive to sit up
put my feet on the ground

Brush: teeth, hair
Crack, stir: eggs
Chop: lettuce, turkey

One child gone to school
Another escorted to the bus
Ten minutes alone before teaching the third.

Walking. Listening. Noticing.
Blue-grey clouds on the western horizon.
White, bright streaks overhead.

Why is waking so hard,
when the world is so beautiful?

Morning Clouds
Your turn! Take five minutes to write a poem about your morning. Or, answer the question mine asks.

Savoring & Shining

For the past few years, in lieu of resolutions or intentions, I’ve chosen a Word of the Year — a micro-manifesto to set the tone for the coming 12 months. For 2013 I chose Savoring & Shining, choosing to love the life I’m living.

On the eve of Chinese New Year, I pulled a card from my OSHO Zen Tarot Deck. It was the Integration card. I had seen both swans and eagles that cold, snowy day, and I knew integration was to be added to my 2013 theme.

And if at first you don’t succeed, try again!

For a few months, I gave some attention to Savoring & Shining by posting at My Everyday Magic. Then, I got stuck. Really, really stuck. I attempted to savor the stuckness, but it was not fun. I tried to shine, but could discern only a weak light that seemed to be pulsing its last shimmers.

Things shifted about a month ago when Melanie did some Reiki for me and I attended the University of Wisconsin’s Writers’s Workshop and Retreat. Ideas flowed. I wrote. I felt alive. I needed little sleep, yet felt amazing. Then, things shifted again. Again, my heart is racing. Again, I am tired. Again, I’m feeling immobilized.

As often as I hear that Awakening is a decision, that it happens in a flash, that it simply is, and as much as I understand the concept, I also know that Embracing Mastery is a journey. I have experienced  moments of bliss when everything was perfect, when I was perfect, when nothing was needed.Then, I woke up, or came out of meditation, or got out of the lake, or stopped cuddling my child, and the journey resumed.

Here, about half-way through the year, I am reminding myself to Savor Life, to Shine My Truest, Brightest Self, and to Allow Integration. How are you doing at the mid-2013?


Self-Protecting, not stuck

My friend Melanie posted on Facebook on June 19, 2013:

I keep feeling a nudge to try a new reiki approach, focused on gratitude. I’d love to do a little experiment with someone this evening. If you’re game, post and tell me something you’d like to improve your feelings around. I don’t really need any specifics; just a word or phrase will do. Then I’ll do some reiki around that, and you can let me know if you sense any improvement. 

Stuck In The Box by ~missEyez on

You may have noticed that I have been having a bit of an issue with being stuck. I have been feeling abandoned, and that there is nobody Out There who can help me (so how can I be abandoned?). I’ve been yearning for action, while believing that all is emerging in its perfect time (kairos). I’ve been aiming for 100% acceptance of my condition, while desiring a magic-pill cure.

I wanted to accept Melanie’s offer, but had just read Elizabeth Cunningham’s amazing poem, What’s in My Heart to my husband. I was determined to live what I was feeling without trying to change it. I had  told Michael that I no longer felt like I needed to shift things, or to be grateful for my unexplainably unhappy countenance, only moments ago. I meant it when I said it. But, of course, I wanted to be happy and flowing in the river of life, not stuck in a bottle. So I replied to Melanie’s query.
Being stuck. (9/10)
Soon after, Melanie sent me a message.
Hey beautiful!

I just sent some reiki your way, and wanted to share a bit about the experience with you.

Titania’s Awakening by ~NeniaLove on Deviant Art

I focused on the aspect of being stuck, and what I saw was you standing in an invisible energetic box, spinning in circles and bumping into the sides of these boundaries. It was a very frenzied feeling, quick moving, lots of twisting and turning but never really moving from that one spot. Then I asked what there was to be thankful for about this energetic box, and I saw the sides all let go of their rigidity and take on the shape of your energy body. At first it felt like slow moving liquid surrounding you, almost like an amniotic sack. It felt a little overwhelming initially, but as I kept focusing on the appreciation for the energetic walls, they became more in sync with your body. I got the message that the boundary is a part of you, and saw it morphing into step with you… hard to describe accurately with words, but it was like a melding of sorts… a bringing together rather than resisting against.

Then I saw you full on frolicking! Jumping river rocks, doing cartwheels, taking in the view on top of a mountain, ducking under tree branches… you were moving fast, and with joy! You were supported by your energetic boundaries, allowing you to move with freedom in a very child-like way.

So to sum up, the overall message I got was that being stuck is a way to safely grow into your more authentic self, and that integrating the energetic boundaries is something you can intend (i.e. no doing necessary here!) that will allow you to still have that protection from the boundaries while still moving at whatever pace, and in whatever way, suits you. Appreciate the being stuck feeling with the knowing that it is supporting your growth, that all is happening just as it should, and that you are fully in control. That may seem/sound like a contradiction in some ways, but I think if you can feel into where it isn’t a contradiction, then that’s where the feeling of appreciation and acceptance will really come alive.

I hope that’s helpful! Would love to hear feedback if you have any to share.

Love you!


I was blown away by Melanie’s message. I respond thus:

For 13 days, my heart has been RACING. I feel safe, but the feeling is intense. The frenzied feeling you saw lives in my heart.

I felt incredible RELIEF upon reading that my box is self-made. It (I) might be distorted, but I am me. Even bigger relief came at the words “morphing into step with you.” I have been sensing that acceptance is The Key.

The joyful images give me hope. They are in sync with what I love. (Though the cartwheels threw me. It’s been decades since I’ve been able to do one. Maybe again soon?)

I am not friendly with gratitude and appreciation at the moment (almost didn’t reply do to the word gratitude in the OP), but am very into acceptance. Integrating was the word that came to me with the Chinese New Year. “No doing necessary” speaks to me in a big way.

My intention: I protect myself and choose to move safely and joyfully into and in this new energy.

Words are not enough, but THANK YOU. What you saw and wrote are amazing and exactly what I needed to hear.

I hope that this window into my experience is helpful to you. If so, please let me know in the comments.